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Videos on how to study with the techniques W. S. Emara used through high school and refined at Columbia University.

Newnan's Ivy League Summer Tutor

W. Sam Emara

Tutoring location in Newnan, Georgia by Peachtree City, Carrollton, Senoia, and HogansvilleSam spends part of his summer away from NYC in Newnan, GA where he continues to tutor online, and tutors Newnan students in-person. Common summer tutoring requests include standardized test prep for the SAT, ACT, and middle and high school admission tests such as the ISEE. Sam works with students on the CRCT Georgia statewide exams, helping Newnan High and other Coweta students improve their scores. Summer break is also a good time to correct missed concepts from the previous academic year, especially in cumulative subjects like math. It is an even better time to prepare for next school year’s classes. This helps ensure a strong, confident start to the academic school year. Subject tutoring includes geometry, algebra, trig, and other math material. Sam was a pre-med biology major at Columbia University, and enjoys tutoring the sciences as well. Investing part of the summer vacation on improving writing skills is another smart way to stay sharp when out of school.

Helping college students at the University of West Georgia and other local institutions with their essays, research papers, and other material while taking summer courses is another one of Sam's tutoring services. With a full three months off before the fall semester, college students often put together cover letters for summer internships that can help bolster their resumes for future grad school and employment opportunities. Sam works with students on cover letter, resume, as well as personal statement writing.

Feel free to call with questions or to schedule a tutoring session at 917-535-1777.


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NYC Lab School
Chosen by his High School teachers to tutor peers.
W. S. Emara tutors New York City students from K–12 in-person, and online via skype video calls for those outside NYC.
New York University Medical Center Microbiology Research Laboratory
Design and perform experiments in infectious disease as a member of the lab group of Department of Medicine Chairman Martin J. Blaser, MD.
Recieved email:
Accepted into Columbia University
Continued to tutor students and conduct research as a premed biology major.
Publishes article on microbiology research
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Emara Academic Solutions™
Returned to NYC to continue his tutoring practice.
Friedrich-Engels Gymnasium Senftenberg, Deutschland
Taught English to students from grades 9 to 12 in German High School.

Revitalized English department, streamlining the ambitions of the students and the requirements of standardized testing into a contemporary curriculum.
Internship in Building Community
Facilitated the livelihood of students enrolled in Columbia University’s High School Summer Program as a Resident Advisor.

Coordinated and supervised extracurricular activities for students throughout NYC.


Larisa F.
(tutored regularly from September ’05 to June ’08 in Math and Chemistry)
"I walk into a session not even knowing how to start a type of problem, and I leave able to solve any version of it."
Dan B.
(a Writing client in January’09)
"He’s just so good at it… he’s like a machine, you give him a writing prompt and out comes an A paper."
Ben T.
(tutored regularly from August ’06 to June ’07 in Math and then College Admissions Essay Writing)
"[W. S. Emara] was involved and interested in my success. While other tutors I’ve had were impersonal time-watchers, my Emara Academic Solutions sessions wouldn’t even start until after some time talking with the family."
Ina R.
(mother of two students tutored in English in ’07)
“Besides the immediate results of higher English grades, the more striking results were long-term. Both of my children became more engaged students that take pride in their work raising scores in more than just English class.”